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If you decided to subscribe to SPLIT Magazine, you probably already know that this Magazine works a little different than the Rest. Please take the little interview below, so Split can get an idea about your person, and how to provide you every month with the topics and articles that you like the most. What will your issue be about? Only you can guess! Maybe you will be surprised. But one thing is guaranteed:

SPLIT Magazine will be all you ever wanted.

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QUESTION 1: What do you look for in a work of art?

It’s impact on the world
It’s impact on the viewer
The self-realization of the artist
The technique of the artist
If it looks nice
QUESTION 2: Why does the Enterprise have artificial gravity?

Probably involves some variation of magnetism
A rotating wheel contruction would be more realistic
They have gravity pumps in the future
It's a TV Show, it would be too expensive
QUESTION 3: What would Luiz Felipe Scolari do?

Design Handbags
Train a Soccer Team
Create Fragrances
Drive a racecar
QUESTION 4: What's your opinion about Halo?

It's an overrated franchise
I hate that song!
It's an optical phenomenon
QUESTION 5: Have you ever been to Australia?

I read a book about the topic once
I saw the movie
QUESTION 6: Anyway, how is your Sexlife?

That is none of your business
Great, thanks for asking
Oh you wouldn't believe
Oh hai, Mark!
QUESTION 7: What's your opinion on the crisis in the gulf?

The company has to compensate for the damage
The impact on the sea is tremendous
At least we’ll save on Tuna cans
The military should leave at once

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Thanks for providing some insight into yourself. This will help Split Magazine to evaluate what kind of person you are and what you will potentially like. Your magazine will contain topics and articles especially tailored to your interests. You can redo this interview at any time during your subscription. Your next magazine will reflect eventual changes.

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